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Advanced Time Management Training Gets Excellent Feedback

Meetings can be more effectively managed to save time

Advanced time management training gets excellent feedback.

Participants really enjoyed the personal efficiency training session today. They worked on their goals to improve efficiency, which included:

Better planning of each day at the start A & the end of the day

Manage email distractions by turning off the alert for set periods of time, whilst doing project work

Allocate time each week for set tasks

Set times for looking at emails during the day

They also used our behavioural change implementation tool to look at some personal changes including more exercise and diet changes.

All we have top do now is follow up and see how they get on.

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Time Management Online Workshop (2)

Time management online workshop

Changing your time management habits is a difficult task. You might try to implement changes at the beginning of the term, just to find yourself back in the same old habits only a few weeks later.

This online workshop allows us to share our time management tips with you. Follow along and use the worksheets below to create a time management strategy that works for you.

You can watch the whole time management workshop or you can pick and choose the sections that are most relevant to you.


Do you want to change?

Learn how poor time management can give you short-term rewards, but long-term losses.

Your unhelpful habits might surprise you. Learn how to curb your procrastination.

Try one of our fast track strategies.

Plan ahead and avoid potential roadblocks.

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BlackBerry Apps For Time Management

written by: Jim Vassallo•edited by: Simon Hill •updated: 9/2/2010

BlackBerry software time management applications allow users to track their emails, phone calls, tasks and appointments without having to continuously enter data.

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BlackBerry smartphones have become increasingly popular these days, to the point where everywhere you look someone is holding a BlackBerry in their hand. They might be sending a BBM, a text, a Google Chat message, an email, talking on the phone, browsing the Internet and much more. BlackBerry smartphones can do so much these days because of all the applications available for download across the BlackBerry board. One popular group of applications for BlackBerry smartphones is BlackBerry software time management.

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nTime Application

The nTime application for the BlackBerry , available for most models, costs $2.99 to download and is a one-time price. This application is perfect for lawyers, freelancers, and students who need to log all of their projects and meetings to keep track of everything they are doing. Reports are created in the application about projects that can be sent via email to yourself or to your clients. Any activity or project you put into this application can be categorized as chargeable, non-chargeable, and non-productive.

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ToDoMatrix Professional